Renu 180: Med Spa Holiday


The holiday season is upon us!

This means gatherings with family and friends. So during this season of giving, we are giving the gift of rejuvenation! Here at Re:nu 180 we are having holiday specials to show our appreciation to our clients. We want you to look your best for the holidays, and keep people guessing about how you look so effortlessly flawless.

Our Holiday Deals

At Re:nu 180 we are doing a buy one, get one (BOGO) deal for Latisse. This treatment promotes eyelashes to be: fuller, darker, thicker, and overall more voluminous. If you want to wow your peers and family members with one glance, then this treatment is for you.

Our BOGO deal works when you buy one 5-mL kit of Latisse, you will receive a 3-mL kit to get you through the holidays and well into 2017! To use this treatment, you simply apply Latisse to the upper lash line according to a schedule predetermined at the consultation.

Another deal that we have going on for the holidays is for our first-time clients! Are you tired of looking ‘tired’? Or are you interested in keeping your face as youthful as possible? We can help! At our Med Spa, we have an array of treatments to keep you looking young. We are offering Dermal Fillers, Botox and Dysport.

Currently, dermal fillers are at least $55 off each syringe you purchase. Our variety of dermal fillers can be utilized to make your face look smooth and youthful. You can look like you haven’t aged a day when meeting with loved ones you haven’t seen in years!

Our Botox and Dysport injections are available for first time clients for 15% and 20% off respectively. These treatments are used to reduce wrinkles and take years off your appearance! Used in combination with the dermal fillers, it will be as if you received an elixir made from the fountain of youth for the holidays!

All of these products together can make you look like a ‘brand new you’ for the holidays! Stop into Re:nu 180 Med Spa this season and have one less thing to worry about!